Review: Jarvis Clutch Social Spy

By Mel Levine, M.D.

Jarvis Clutch is a fun book targeted at high functioning middle school aged students. It reads as if it is co-written by a student, Jarvis, and his psychologist, Dr. Levine. Poor Jarvis doesn’t really want to be writing the book. It appears he has been having some difficulty in school and has been strongly encouraged to participate in this project. Jarvis and Dr. Levine take students through 5 chapters:

1 I’m Jarvis Clutch

2 Fitting in and Feeling Good About It

3 Seeming Right

4 Talking Right

5 Acting Right

While it is a narrative, and therefore language intensive, there are a number of good visuals and the text is well organized.

Pros: It is actually written for high functioning students which can be difficult to find. It is absolutely use-able for students  with ADHD or other learning disabilities. I love the Social Spy theme since it is a strategy we often use, and one of the most important for students to learn.

Cons: It is better suited for students who are neurotypical but struggling socially than for students with HFA. If you are going to use it with students with HFA you will absolutely need to supplement it.