Ode to ABA

I have to admit; sometimes I sound like a nut. Im always ranting and raving about the need to analyze behavior. But here is why: ABA makes us step outside of ourselves. It takes us away from excuses and ‘poor me that student is sooo difficult’. It removes the egocentric experience of that (usually) undesired behavior.

It asks… Why is this really happening? and What can I do about it? And the answers are all there. ABA requires that we view the behavior from an objective perspective.  That includes asking our selves… What am I doing to reinforce or maintain that behavior?

It also requires that we take the perspective of the ‘other’ Why are they doing this… really?  And when we ask ourselves that question, we get that much closer to the other person. We look at the world from their perspective. What their needs are.

Then, the best part of all, it lets us ask: What is my plan for dealing with it? There is a quote that I once read that goes something like ” Pointing the finger of blame requires the holding back of three.  If the blame is mine so must the credit be.”

This is not to say that all behavior is with in our control or that we can fix anything with some M&Ms. It is just to say that we have more control over the situation than we think. ABA is a empowering process.